Challenge the reality with VFX prime

VFX is the bridge between reality and imagination and is one of the most popular courses in animation schools. The VFX demand has risen drastically over the past few years, and it has got a full application in the field like movie making and television shows which have to deal with the fantasy world and required imagination creatures like dragons and all. There is no doubt that the 21st century has seen so much superpower movies with action all along; this is the work of VFX.


How VFX has gained popularity

Films and television Over the past few years, VFX has got comprehensive implementation, and the success to movies that have been made with visual effects has led to the advent of it in higher numbers as well. Now, most of the studios are embedded with vfx.

VFX prime course of our institute will help the students to become an all-rounder VFX expert. The course will be a comprehensive course for them, teaching them from the grass root level to the most advances those of the VFX. So that you get an in-depth understanding of the course, you will be surrounded by the latest software in our labs. The VFX prime program comprises of three terms which are mentioned below


Besides movies, vfx has also got its usage in the advertisement field. The advertisement made with vfx help the brand to stand out from others and an edge above the competitor as well.


Nevertheless, whatever the game might be, VFX has taken them a long way, be it intellectual or action, the VFX effect makes it much more enjoyable at the end of the day.


We cannot think a day without the internet, the growing demand for it has made websites to come up also at a fast pace. Websites that have some effects of VFX look far better and are considered to next germination websites.

  • Introduction to the visual effects in the films
  • Digital painting
  • Anatomy study
  • Visual scripting
  • Project portfolio
  • Implementation of the 2d animation objectives
  • Basic of VFX and 3d basics
  • Digitally modeling with the help of Maya
  • 3d models texting with Maya
  • Particle and dynamics
  • Crowd simulation
  • 3-dimensional portfolio design
  • VFX film making
  • Hand on introduction to nuke
  • Roto paint
  • Removal of wire
  • Color screen
  • VFX with the help of Houdini