Graphic and web design- a network of possibilities

We offer our students a range of opportunities in the digital field in the form of job oriented programs so that they can magnify their skills and enjoy a successful career ahead


Course Details

The number of activities on the internet has increased over a few years. An estimated of more 870 million users is using the internet. So that the company can make the best use of it, they are looking to go with the digital way to reach the potential customer with their brands. With the number of active users and there has been a lot of career options to the people, one of the fields that have got ever ending demands is the web designing field.

The graphic design and web design courses are divided into two terms so that you get ample opportunity better understanding it has been designed into two terms.

  • Introduction to the visual effects in the films
  • Digital painting
  • Anatomy study
  • Visual scripting
  • Project portfolio
  • Implementation of the 2d animation objectives
  • Basic of VFX and 3d basics
  • Digitally modeling with the help of Maya
  • 3d models texting with Maya
  • Particle and dynamics
  • Crowd simulation
  • 3-dimensional portfolio design
  • VFX film making
  • Hand on introduction to nuke
  • Roto paint
  • Removal of wire
  • Color screen
  • VFX with the help of Houdini