Course Details

As of now, the market of animation is growing exponentially, and with enormous demands in the animation course, you have the perfect opportunity in front of you. World top animation studios like Disney, Studio Ghibli and all are continually producing high-quality animation content for its overwhelming demands. Set your career by enrolling for this course and work with the leading animation company.

How will you benefit from this course?

Animation prime training program that we offer is a comprehensive program that will cover most of the fundamentals and help you to master with the techniques to let you understand with the latest software and tools that are required in the process of this industry. We believe that enrolling your name for this program will set you perfect for the animation career and thereby help you to set your imagination free.

  • Graphic concept and illustrations
  • Typography design
  • Digital painting
  • Editing related to auto video
  • Design portfolio
  • 2d digital animation concepts
  • Designing character
  • Clay modeling animation
  • Basics of 3d
  • Digital modeling with the implementation of 3ds max
  • 3d motion graphics
  • Digital composting
  • Basics of 3d
  • Digital modeling by Maya
  • 3d character animation
  • Crowd simulation
  • Rendering and lighting models
  • Match moving and tracking of the camera